Buddhist temple re-opens after arson


The Toronto Mahari Vihara Buddhist Meditation Centre spent $65,000 on the damage-induced renovations of the past three months

Toronto, CA (USA) -- The arsonists crept up to the Buddhist temple in Scarborough around 4 a.m., doused a side door in flammable liquid, then set the immense wooden structure alight.

They ran around back and tried to torch the part of the temple that housed the library. But they inadvertently triggered a motion sensor alarm, dropped bottles of flammable liquid, and fled into the dark as a monk awoke and called police.

That was in mid-May, during the height of both Sri Lankaís civil war and the local Tamil populationís protests. More than three months, $65,000 and multiple Sunday school and sermon cancellations later, the Toronto Mahari Vihara Buddhist Meditation Centre has finally reopened for local Sinhalese Buddhists.