His Holiness gives public talk in Sao Paolo, Brazil

TibetNet, May 1, 2006

Sao Paulo, Brazil -- In the morning of 29 April, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave an exclusive half-an-hour interview to Mr. Otavio Fris Filho and Ms. Claudia Colluci, senior reporters of the Brazilian newspaper, Folhe de Sao Paulo, which is one of the biggest national dailies of Brazil.

<< Tibetan spiritual leader Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, speaks to hundreds of followers at the Zu Lai Temple, in Cotia, some 16 miles (26km) west of Sao Paulo, in Cotia, Brazil, Thursday, April 27, 2006. The Dalai Lama is on a three-day visit to Brazil. (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano)

His Holiness gave a public talk on the Power of Compassion at Sao Paulo's gymnasium indoor stadium, Ginasio Estadual Ibirapuera. Federal Deputy Walter Feldman introduced His Holiness to the audience by paying rich tribute. At the end of the talk, which was attended by more than 7,000 people, His Holiness attended to a series of questions from the audience.

After concluding the public talk, His Holiness the Dalai Lama unveiled the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Sao Paulo city's Tulio Fontoura Park. The function was attended by the Federal Deputy Mr. Walter Feldman, City Mayor Mr. Gilberto Kassab, the Indian Consul General Mr. Yogeshwar Varma, the Secretary General and other staff members of the Sao Paulo Municipality.

In his address at the function, which was attended by over 500 people, His Holiness reminded the crowd that merely having a beautiful statue of Mahatma Gandhi is not enough. It is more important to practice the principles of non-violence, truth and justice, which Mahatma Gandhi taught and stood for. He also commented that India's age old culture of religious tolerance was the most relevant now all over the world to reduce tension and make the society more peaceful.

During the lunch break, His Holiness gave an interview to the Globo television, the biggest television channel in Brazil.

In the afternoon, His Holiness attended an Inter-religious Prayer for Peace at the Cathedral da Se organised by the Archbishop of Sao Paulo, Dom Claudio Hummes.

Apart from His Holiness and the Archbishop of Sao Paulo, the event was participated by Rabino Henry Sobel, President of the School of Rabis of Sao Paulo; Bispo Adriel de Souza Maia, President of the Christian Churches National Council, Sheikh Armando Husseium Saleh, Missionary for World Peace, Swami Sunirmalananda, Ramakrishna Vedanta Ashram; and Pai Francelino de Shapanan, National Institute of Afro-Brazilian Traditions.

In their presentation, all the religious leaders paid rich tribute to His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his moral leadership as well as for his ceaseless efforts in bringing harmony among various religious traditions.

Apart from the religious and civic leaders, over one thousand people attended the event at the Cathedral da Se and a few hundreds of people stood outside the Cathedral to greet His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The event was opened and closed with songs of well-known singer Fortuna and the chord of the Benedictine monks.

In the evening, His Holiness addressed the gathering of the Buddhist community of Brazil, who assisted the local host of the visit. His Holiness advised the Buddhists to pay more attention to understand the core teachings of the Buddha rather than merely following the rituals. He advised the followers that they should pay more attention to sharpen one's intelligence through continuous study and analysis and stop paying attention to outer appearance.

His Holiness also informed the Buddhist community that Tibet, along with its rich cultural heritage, was now struggling for its survival. He appealed the Buddhist community to lend their support and assistance in the movement to save Tibet's culture and civilization.

Yesterday, His Holiness left for Buenos Aires, where he will stay for three days.