Christianity: Is It Self-Destructing?

By Stan Grimes,, Nov. 21, 2004

San Francisco, USA -- This crazy world of ours is near destruction, but is it because of some wild collective self- fulfilling prophecy? Do we want to self- destruct? Have we been taught the need to self- destruct? I wonder.

The last election made me worry even more. The so-called moral majority won comfortably. We all know the statistics. A great many of the moral majority is made up of evangelical Christians. This large group of believers, along with many other Christian belief systems, preaches the second coming of their Christ. The prelude (or perhaps a parallel) to this second arrival is basically the destruction of the world. Could the collective power of suggestion by Christians lead to the end of this earth? I say that it?s possible.

If we consider the Muslim belief, which counterbalances the worldwide Christian movement, the possibility of self-destruction seems quite likely, if not inevitable. Muslims believe that by murdering those of the Western culture (considered devils) they will be assured some high position in a mythical hereafter. Christianity has always been a religion that proselytizes, knocking on the doors of nonbelievers and even enemies trying to convert them to the way of Christ. Because? Christianity has always taken a monolithic stance or a monotheistic stance. This stance has always been considered arrogant by other religious systems, thus, a natural source of tension between paradigms.

Buddhism cannot be included. Their beliefs have been somewhat diluted over the course of centuries. Fact is, Buddhism may be our saving grace, if such a thing can exist. After all, they do not necessarily believe in an afterlife. Their belief hinges on the mind of the individual, finding the path to Enlightenment. With any fortune or karma, mankind will look inward to discover his/her salvation. Hinduism? Hinduism is so steeped in tradition and the idea of reincarnation that they can barely keep their cows fed.

Did Christians make up their minds hundreds of years ago (actually thousands) to self- destruct? It seems quite possible to me. It may seem ludicrous to some, but how close was Hitler to creating the Third Reich? How close were the Romans to complete world domination? All that it takes is a charismatic leader, one that has bamboozled his/her citizens convincingly. One person can set a nation to war. Imagine what millions of citizens can do. They can destroy a world.


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