Who'll carry the torch?

by SUTIPUNT BONGSUNUNT, The Bangkok Post, March 5, 2011

Udon Thani, Thailand -- With Luang Ta Maha Bua now gone, who will be the representative to unite the people in Buddhist faith? Luang Ta was famous as a meditative, revered monk along the line of Luang Poo Man (Ajahn Mun).

Luang Ta was a supporter of social activities and a fundraiser who helped restore the country's international reserves following the 1997 financial crisis. What Luang Ta achieved helped strengthen the public's faith.

He also delivered a great number of precious sermons on the principles of dharma and contributed much to society's moral advancement.

Who now will carry Luang Ta's torch in uniting all Buddhists? Luang Ta's final words before passing away were that ''my hands and the hands of disciples, relatives and friends are entirely united and interchangeable''.