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Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara Humanitarian Appeal

Buddhist Channel, Dec 28, 2004

Los Angeles, USA -- This an urgent appeal sent out to all Sri Lankans, Americans and other friends of Sri Lanka around the world - for immediate and urgent help!


Kohl: Sri Lanka destruction like World War II bombing

AFP, December 30, 2004

BERLIN, Germany -- Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who was evacuated from his seaside Sri Lankan vacation hotel when the Indian Ocean tsunami hit, said the devastation reminded him of World War II bombing.


Local monk steers tsunami aid effort

BY BRYAN VIRASAMI, News Day, Dec 29, 2004

New York, USA -- The chief monk of a Queens Buddhist temple returned from tsunami-wrecked Sri Lanka Wednesday and immediately appealed for medicine, financial help and construction tools for his native country.


Earth Sanctuary Mourns Earthquake-Tsunami Victims

PRNews, December 29, 2004

SEATTLE, WA (USA) -- The friends and supporters of Earth Sanctuary, a unique meditation parkland and nature reserve on Whidbey Island, join the world community in mourning the victims of the devastating Dec. 26 earthquake and accompanying tsunami.


My amazing Tsunami Relief story

by Mei Joon, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 31, 2004

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- It was already 8.30pm as I drove my dad's car loaded with boxes medicines to Buddhist Maha Vihara. Traffic leading to the vihara was heavy and my vehicle got stuck for close to an hour infront of the police station, less than 1km away from the temple's ground.


Some donations fail to cross cultural divide

By Mark Magnier, Los Angeles Times, January 16, 2005

GALLE, Sri Lanka -- In one of the largest relief efforts in history, a new issue is cropping up: mismatched aid. Relief groups have opened boxes meant for tsunami survivors to discover coats sent by donors apparently unaware the island nation is in the tropics, as well as polyester shirts and pants, which don't absorb sweat, and fleece baby clothes.


Buddhist monks lead prayers to cleanse Thai beach

Channel News Asia (AFP), Jan 18, 2005

PATONG, Thailand -- Some 100 Budhhist monks led a mass cleansing ritual Tuesday at popular Patong beach on the resort island of Phuket to dispel fears among residents and Asian tourists that restless spirits of tsunami victims are haunting the area.


Buddhist temple a makeshift home

By DUSTIN GROVE, WSBT-TV Reporter, Southbend Tribune, Jan 18, 2005

Relief worker assists by shopping for refugees

EGODAUYANA, Sri Lanka -- It is Thursday afternoon at a Buddhist temple in Egodauyana, a small town just south of the capital city of Colombo on Sri Lanka's west coast.


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