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Killer waves wreak havoc

Bangkok Post Reporters, Dec 27, 2004

Almost 300 people are confirmed dead, and several thousand people were injured after at least three tidal waves lashed the South of Thailand and swept their way across Asia.


Emergency appeal from Sarvodaya

The Buddhist Channel, Dec 27, 2004

As you may already aware we have faced the worse disaster of our life time. According to available sources 15,000 have already been dead due to the tidal wave. Over one million people including women and children are homeless.


Emergency appeal from Malaysian Buddhist Organizations

The Buddhist Channel, Dec 27, 2004

The following Malaysian Buddhist organizations are mobilizing efforts to help victims of the Asian Tsunami Disaster. Please do offer your assistance to those in need.


US immigrants gather aid for victims

By Charisse Jones, AP, Dec 28, 2004

Los Angeles, USA -- From Buddhist temples in the Northeast to commercial strips in California, Southeast Asian immigrants made frantic calls home, gathered bandages and food and offered prayers for loved ones devastated by the giant waves that killed tens of thousands of people on two continents.


Survivors face disease threat - Emergency relief head warns of risks

CNN, December 29, 2004

Asia -- As the death toll from the Indian Ocean tsunamis soars past 56,000, relief workers warn of even greater tragedy ahead if disease breaks out on a wide scale.


Colombo Regency Club Humanitarian Appeal

by Pramitha B. Kodagoda, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 28, 2004

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- Members of the Colombo Regency Club is making arrangements to support a group of friends (who are part of the Rotary Club of Colombo Regency), who have dedicated themselves to help the victims in very remote areas.


Buddhist Organizations mobilizing Humanitarian Effort

The Buddhist Channel, Dec 29, 2004

Below is a list of Buddhist organizations initiating efforts to send humanitarian aid to areas effected by the devastating Tsunami on Dec 26, 2004. Please contact the person in charge at the respective organizations for details:


Tzu Chi starts relief across Asia

The Buddhist Channel, Dec 29, 2004

Worldwide, Tzu Chi volunteers in Asia have started to provide aid to local survivors in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia in the cities of Penang, Phuket and Medan.


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