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In Memory of the Late Venerable Chief Dr K. Sri Dhammanda

Poem by Kelvin Tan Say Chiong, The Buddhist Channel, September 5, 2006

Venerable Chief Doctor:
Knowledge of the Dhamma, he propagate the Buddha’s Teachings
Sangha, the Order he is known and revered as the Chief Priest
Reaching out to people from all walks of life through his books and talks
Independence Day of Malaysia, he left his physical body
Dhammapada was one of the greatest books he compiled
Happy States and Nibbanna is his ultimate goal
Asked him after his check-up, whether he had any dreams
My friend, Buddhas and Arahants don’t have any dreams
Missionary work like the Tsumani he carried out even in his motherland
As a spiritual advisor, he is known far and wide
Noble Eightfold Path is the journey we all have to tread
Age 87, he has accomplished his mission of spreading Buddhism
Now, let us take delight that he has benefited all beings
Dear Dhammananda, you have always been my Greatest Teacher
And I shall remember you for the rest of my Life

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