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Management control of Maha Bodhi Temple

by Priya Pal Bhante, Chakma Temple, Bodhgaya, Dist.Gaya, Bihar, India, The Buddhist Channel, May 12, 2008

Sir,  I read very carefully the article titled "Unholy goings-on at Buddha Gaya" by Sunil Vijayapala, Lankaweb, published on April 28, 2008 about sacred place of Bodhgaya.

I strongly support his demand to hand over the control of management of the Maha Bodhi Temple of Bodhgaya in the hands of the Buddhists.

However, there is a case No.11202 / 2006 filed by an Indian Buddhist organization called "MAHAYOGI RASTRIYA SEVAK SAMITI" in the High Court of Patna [See the website of the High Court of Patna : http://patnahighcourt.bih.nic.in/], challenging the validity and legality of the Bodhgaya Temple Act, 1949 [See website: www.mahabodhi.com] in the light of the Articles 14 & 26 of the Indian Constitution.

The case is still under judicial consideration of the High Court of Patna.

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