Encyclopedia on Buddhist philosophy released in Moscow

Indrus, May 25, 2012

Moscow, Russia -- Encyclopedia on Buddhist philosophy brought out by the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, was released in Moscow on May 23.

The book release took place in the presence of scholars from France, India, Iran, Japan, Lithuania, Russia, Syria, Turkey, UK, and USA, who are participating in the Third International Conference on Comparative Philosophy: “Philosophy and Science in the Cultures of East and West” organized by the Institute of Philosophy in Moscow.

Academician Abdusalam Guseinov, Director of the Institute of Philosophy, welcomed Ajai Malhotra, Ambassador of India to the Russian Federation, and highlighted the contributions made by the scholars of Russia and other countries in bringing out the 1,045 page Encyclopedia. He congratulated Dr. Marietta Stepanyants and others involved as regards the contents, compilation and publication of the Encyclopedia. Dr. Guseinov highlighted it as the first comprehensive encyclopedia on Buddhist Philosophy that is based on the study of original sources.

The Editor of the Encyclopedia, Dr. Marietta Stepanyants, said that the Encyclopedia included articles on Buddhist philosophy covering the main schools of thought and trends, concepts and notions, personalities and canonic texts, commentaries and original treatises. She highlighted that the Encyclopedia introduced the philosophical aspects of Buddhism in the contexts of different civilizations and cultures. She thanked the contributors and those associated with bringing out the Encyclopedia and invited Ambassador Malhotra to release it. The first copy of the Encyclopedia was then presented by Dr. Guseinov to Ambassador Malhotra on behalf of the Institute of Philosophy.

According to a press-release from the Indian Embassy in Moscow, Ambassador Malhotra expressed satisfaction that the first comprehensive encyclopedia on Buddhist Philosophy was now available in the Russian language. He drew attention to the unique way in which Buddhism had peacefully spread and developed roots in different cultural milieu.

He stated that the philosophy of Lord Buddha was as relevant today and would continue to inspire future generations across the world. He conveyed warmest congratulations to Dr. Marietta Stepanyants and the “Vostochnaya literatura” publishing house. He recalled that the Embassy of India, Moscow, had also cooperated in the publication in Russian in 2009 of the “Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophy” by the Institute of Philosophy, Moscow, and suggested as a next step that the Institute may like to bring out an Encyclopedia of Jain Philosophy in the Russian language.

He offered the Embassy’s help in this regard. In conclusion, Ambassador Malhotra wished that Lord Buddha’s serene message of ahimsa, brotherhood, compassion, and right conduct, would light up and bless the thoughts and actions of everyone present.

Brief interventions on the occasion were also made by Ms. Matsuri Gutse, Representative of the Institute of Philosophy, Tokyo, Japan, and Ms. Svetlana M Anikeyeva, Director, Vostochnaya Literatura Publishing House.