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AABi set to launch with "Sutta Boost!" series

Crowd Funding for the All About Buddhism iLearning (ABBi) Project

Total donations required: SGD 13,900 (US$ 10,000). Campaign started: 23 July 2020

Donations to date - US$ 1,100; MYR 4,860 (22% of Target Reached)

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- To date, the All About Buddhism iLearning (AABi) project has received 22% of its targeted funds (please see: Although work will commence once the target of 35% funding is reached, the developer (based in Germany) has agreed to start work on the system setup by next week.

When the eLearning platform is set up, users will be able to test the prototype (at no costs) and see for themselves how perhaps AABi will be a game changer in Buddhist Dhamma study.

While the "All About Buddhism" course is being converted into a digital format, we are very pleased to announce that AABi will host the "Sutta Boost!" series, with the Mangala Sutta (Discourse on Blessings) as the prototype launch.

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