Protecting oneself, one protect others

by CW Leong, The Buddhist Channel, June 5, 2021

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia - The current by-words used in our combat against the Covid-19 virus has a surprising use. Can you believe that it can be applied equally as an effective standard operating procedure (SOP) for those seeking to become Buddhists? Almost everywhere, we see three key Covid-19 SOPs being displayed prominently: wear (protective) masks, keep your distance and wash hands regularly. Let's see how they are applied as SOPs for Buddhist newbies.


Love without action is just a four letter word

by Suphani Thawatchai, The Buddhist Channel, Jan 2, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand  -- Tam Suphachai owns a money exchange counter at the corner of a heavily trafficked walkway in a Bangkok mall. His business is good but not brisk unless the high travel season kicks on. On the last Thursday of every month in the last year or so, a lady would drop by his counter to send money back to her hometown in Udon Thani province. The amount she sends is always the same, 20,000 baht.


Mind-Body Connection During Meditation Can Now Be Measured, Thanks To Science

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution, June 3, 2017

Hong Kong, China -- There are some “scientists” out there who believe that the mind-body connection is complete pseudoscience. This is very strange, especially given the fact that countless peer-reviewed studies published by many reputable scientists and institutions have shown a direct connection between our mind and our body.


Science has proved that meditation can improve quality of life: Buddhist master

by Seethalakshmi, TNN, Apr 16, 2017

BENGALURU, India -- He believes that it's up to us to live with a problem/situation in life or fight it. As an 8-year-old, Tibetan meditation master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche suffered from anxiety disorder. But he conquered it through meditation. The millionaire monk, who founded the Tergar Meditation Centres across the globe, was in Bengaluru to lead a session at the Srishti School of Design and Technology.


The Vegetarian Buffet at This Buddhist Monastery Is What’s Missing from Your Life

by Thomas Harlander, Los Angeles Times, February 27, 2017

Hsi Lai Temple’s dining hall is a little-known gem in Hacienda Heights

Los Angeles, CA (USA)
-- If you ever go to The Hall of Five Contemplations for lunch (which, if you like to eat Chinese food and/or need more serenity in your life, you absolutely should), be sure to dress conservatively. It is, after all, in a Buddhist monastery.