Tibet Justice Center Helps Achieve Moratorium on Genetically Modified Organisms

TibetNet, November 24, 2004

Dharamsala, India -- Tibet Justice Center, working closely with the Ecological Society of the Philippines and member delegates at the IUCN 2004 World Conservation Congress, helped pass a moratorium on Monday on the further release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) until such time that they can be demonstrated, beyond reasonable doubt, to be safe for biodiversity, human health, and animal health.

The moratorium resolution was carried with overwhelming majority support from both nations and non-governmental organisations with 84-48 and 290-22 respectively, even after several days of intensive behind-the-scenes lobbying by agribusiness interests.

The domination of GMOs at the 3rd IUCN congress shows the urgency of not just establishing a moratorium, but also implementing this historic resolution. The resolution also requires that the Director General of IUCN compile and disseminate a report on the impacts of the GMOs on biodiversity and human health within one year. Therefore, with the implementation of this resolution, the IUCN shall set an example of its unique moral authority to the world community.