An album of Buddhist chants and themes

IANS, Aug 25, 2006

Dharamsala, India -- A set of five albums based on Buddhist chants and themes and rendered by a Tibetan nun with an exceptional voice is to hit the market in India and the United States.

The nun, Ani Tsering Wangmo, says her goal is to promote Buddhism in musical form through her voice. The revenue she earns will be used to continue this work while some will go for social causes.

Mr Lobsang Wangyal, producer director of the L Wangyal Productions, four albums in the “World Music” genre will be titled ‘Immeasurable Joy’, ‘Immeasurable Loving Kindness’, ‘Immeasurable Compassion’ and ‘Gyaling’. The fifth album, ‘Immeasurable Equanimity,’ is a very traditional Dudjom Rinpoche’s Thröma Nagmo.

They will be launched in India and the United States later this month, and distributed around the world later.

Tenzin Dawa, who released his debut album ‘One day’ (though in pop genre) in January, directed the music for Ani’s albums. The success of his album had him reproduce it for a second edition. The album is out again with a new album cover, with him sporting a red traditional Tibetan shirt.

All the profits made by the sale of Ani’s CDs will be donated to three causes: the Ewam Magadha Garden of 1,000 Buddhas, currently being built at Arlee, Montana, in the US, a Tibetan medical clinic in Tibet, and the Yuloko Jetsun Ling Nunnery in Nepal, Lobsang said.

Ani was born in Lhasa and became a nun at the age of 12. After fleeing Tibet in 1991 and arriving in Nepal, she joined the Yuloko Jetsun Ling Nunnery.

Upon completing the traditional three-year retreat in 1996, she began and continues to work on the Ewam Pecha (religious text) project. She now resides in Montana where she learnt English.

Ani produced her first album, ‘Turquoise Leaf’, in 2000. It was recorded in the US. In 2004, she recorded the ‘Laughter of the Dakinis’.