You don't have to be a Buddhist to sing: Never Give Up

TransWorldNews, April 27, 2008

The song that many peaceful groups should choose to rally

South Orange, NJ (USA) -- You don’t have to be a buddhist to sing the Dalai Lama song set to music by Jody Rubel and performed by Jazz vocalist Kathleen Deane of Sistermonk, a Seattle band.  

“Never Give Up” video by Sistermonk is now featured on Youtube/sistermonk.  The words were created by the HH Dalai Lama, the music composed by Jody Rubel of Sistermonk, a Seattle area band, now performing in Seattle and New York for over tn years.

Like the song  “We Shall Overcome” which rallied millions under the wings of the Civil Rights Movement, under the late Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., Never Give Up, The Dalai Lama ‘s song has the potential to mesmerize not just those advocating the cause of Tibet, but Darfur and any place where tyranny reigns, to lend support to justice and elevate the human spirit to spur them to peaceful outcomes in the name of human rights.

And you don’t have to be a Buddhist to sing it.  The Dalai Lama himself told you not to

Leave your religion, for all are equally valid and the human spirit is all that counts.

Just as you did not have to be black in the 60’s to support the civil rights movement of MLK, you don't have to be a buddhist to rally to the cause of peaceful demo and justice.