Film Inspired by Buddhist Writer Double Winner at Columbus International Film Festival

PRNewswire (Source: Arden Entertainment), November 11, 2004

COLUMBUS, Ohio (USA) -- The film "Another Way of Seeing Things" which challenges media stereotyping in times of conflict has won two awards at the 2004 Columbus International Film Festival, one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in the United States. Director Cory Taylor, producer Dan Arden, and cinematographer David Linstrom will receive the award on Saturday November 13 at the 52nd annual Awards Ceremony at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

"Another Way of Seeing Things" won both the Chris Award for best documentary in the Social Issues category and the Edgar Dale Award for Screenwriting, which goes to the writer of the essay on which the script is based, Buddhist philosopher and peacebuilder Daisaku Ikeda. The film will also be screened from 1pm on November 13 at the College's Canzani Auditorium, followed by a Q and A session with Dan Arden.

Writing in response to 9.11 and the subsequent wave of mistrust and hatred toward those perceived as "different" to ourselves, Ikeda calls out passionately against the dangers of stereotyping: "It is vital that we each ask ourselves some important questions... Do I accept without question the images provided to me? Do I believe unconfirmed reports without first examining them? Have I unwittingly allowed myself to become prejudiced?" As president of the Soka Gakkai International Buddhist association, he has promoted peace and dialogue tirelessly for over 50 years, publishing over 100 works, including "Global Civilization: a Buddhist-Islamic Dialogue" with peace scholar Prof. Majid Tehranian.

Filmed on location in Turkey, "Another Way of Seeing Things" tells the story of British historian Arnold Toynbee's determined efforts to "hear the other side" -- that of the Turks -- at a time when the west was heavily biased in favor of the Greek side in the Greco-Turkish war of the 1920s. It is narrated by Academy-Award winning actor F. Murray Abraham, who says the script inspired him with the possibility of a world without hate.

Dr. Robert Wagner, professor emeritus of the Department of Photography and Cinema at Ohio State University, who was a close colleague of Professor Dale, founder of the Festival, commented that it was particularly appropriate for "Another Way of Seeing Things" to win the Edgar Dale Award because the film's theme is completely in alignment with Professor Dale's purpose in founding the Festival in 1952.

"Another Way of Seeing Things" is available on DVD together with the book "One by One" by Daisaku Ikeda which was recently published by Dunhill Publishing. "One by One" contains the original essay on which the film is based, along with inspirational portraits of extraordinary people Ikeda has encountered on his travels for peace. It can be ordered from