The Channel's new home is now in Berlin, Germany

August 22, 2005

From August 22, 2005, the Buddhist Channel's new home will be in Berlin, Germany.

The choice for relocation had to be made due to the ever increasing traffic and the number of visitors to the site. The high speed facility secured in Berlin is to ensure that the quality of your browsing experience is maintained.

The site now holds a capacity that is 10 times more than the previous setup, and with internet access speed which is 20 times faster. And why Germany, of all places? That's because 70% of the traffic are generated from the west, i.e. North America and Europe. And so while this site was first created in Malaysia, it now belongs to (figuratively speaking) Buddhists all over the world. And you, by clicking onto the site, have made it a global product.

May the fragrance of the Buddha-Dharma permeate all over the world. May its message of peace brings calmness and harmony to all corners of the universe.