Defend paths towards non-dogmas and non self-indulgence

by Kalyamitta TJ, Las Cruces, NM (USA)

?Buddhism is a religion for the self-indulgent? - Pope Benedict XVI

I refer to the article "Embrace plurality, evoke sanctity of humanity". The teachings of Lord Buddha protects living wisdom or living consciousness by erecting the monastic codes to ward off spiritual disruptions brought about by ego and self-indulgence.  The statements made by Pope Benedict XVI are, sad to say, feeble, ignorant, and threat inducing.

We acknowledge that the Dharma may not survive permanently, nothing ever does. But the time will come, perhaps has come, when the Buddha?s traditional warriors (i.e. the Sangha) who have made their oath to self-salvation and truth will do all they can to protect the Dharma until all and asunder consciously battle ignorance and intolerance.

What threats do Buddhists constantly face for one who is not already an acknowledged Buddhist? What labels do we have live with when there are those who damn us as different although we strive for similiarity? What gives when one takes in opinionated self-righteousness as a given right?

We have ours to give so that we can better ourselves to benefit others, who may not have the opportunity to benefit themselves, by themselves. This means we make for others as well as for ourselves, so that we can all understand what it means to be interdependent.

Consciousness, awareness, and wisdom are living entities which we must come to embrace and understand. Teachers, enlighten beings, preserve and scribe these living doctrines so that we ourselves can discover our own living islands. This means that everything is spiritual, and deserves respect bordering on sanctity.

You could be the person you want to be even if you truly stand before God, Goddesses, Devils, Mice, and Men. There is no fooling on what is and on what will become. In patience we will find solidarity. This is something that self-righteous religion leaders should do well to truly understand before they utter the statement, ?I and father are one? Jesus Christ.

In the domain of a corrupt mind, nothing is tougher than compassion. Leading a life bent on conquering nature will only lead to more suffering, as working just for the sake to accumulate material possessions will lead to more attachements, hence more suffering. We must all learn to lead through wisdom and by the understanding of the nature of our minds, which by its inherent nature, is harmonious to the creation of the Natural Laws.

When nature calls, the Dharma also calls. So too the many doctrines and living consciousness, such as change, non-self and awakening that are called upon. We shall rise only to fall, nothing is permanent but it is not the will of humans to decide this.

On a closing note, Buddha taught not to take issues personally, and to respond back in right thought. If someone verbally attacks you, attack back in a humorous way as one possible option. These methods don?t always work, but it will put you in control, making you standing out as a disciplined individual.

The misconception that Buddhists are all pacifists is a huge misunderstanding. Pacifism is a philosophy. In the history of Buddhism?s journey throughout Asia, we read about monks in China fine tuning their minds and bodies as a self-defense wall.
These are the Shaolin monks.

If we turn to Japan, you have similar Buddhist warriors. They are called the Shugendo/Shinobi (Ninjas). The Shaolin monks and Shugendo warriors upheld honor and were not considered pacifists in the Buddhist circles. Some Buddhists call this the ?Left Handed Path?, or the fast track to Enlightenment. It is one that is the most slippery, but also the most enticing one there is.

Whether "left-handed path" or "middle path" Buddhists, we should all be united to engage and defend realistic perceptions of awakening, which are, paths that points to non-dogmas, non self-indulgence, and most of all, the demise of self centred, authoritarian entities. When we do these properly, regardless whether we are prince or paupers, we become conscious, dynamic heroes of Dharma, who symbolizes the human spirit, mind, and the reality that is shaped by it.

The powers gained from such a dynamism spreads far and deep, transforming within but yet spiraling outwards into nobility which spread out in the forms of the Noble truths. I pray for Benedict XVI so that he shall wiser with his verbal comments.

Buddha bless, thank you.
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