Commercialization of Buddhism in Singapore

by "Poor Singapore Buddhist", The Buddhist Channel, Singapore, Feb 24, 2014

I write with great regret about issues such as this. Often we hear about bogus monks commercialisation of Buddha Dharma is very common.

A case in hand is Bright Hill Monastery, which for the past many decades have been leading a good example in speading the Dharma in Singapore.
It is most disturbing that in recent years they have increased sponsorships amounts (almost double-fold) in their events and restricting participation. Unless one forks up more cash out front, it has become near impossible for people who wish to learn Buddhism and hear the dharma without relating to monetary sponsorship.
Recently, even to learn the Heart Sutra and Buddhist teachings, the temple charges a fee for all who wants to hear the dharma.
I can agree if skill courses that the temple organises such as vegetarian cooking , flower arrangements , taichi, yoga ...all these activities related to well being and skills can be charged to cover costs.
However, charging fees for the learning of Buddha Dharma and participation in puja have restricted these activities to the rich and wealthy.
What has become of a leading Asia monastery, behaving like a multinational profiteering organisation, where marshalls for events are outsourced to contractors, paying them salaries etc.
On the issue of human resource, the temple has more than 200 salaried staff, whereas the temple is only active on certain days for special events.
I am deeply concerned over this recent commercialisation, and worry that other leading temples may follow suit.
Could Buddhist Channel TV, have a discussion and thoughts on these developments?
I find it degrading Where one needs to pay a fee to listen to recordings of sutra recitation and attend Dharma classes.