Biased news against Buddhists on Rohingya

by Sumita, Indonesia, The Buddhist Channel, Nov 24, 2016

I am a Buddhist from Indonesia and has been 7 year read Buddhist news in But now, I am very concerned about news article with title: “Rohingya are being destroyed, ‘full security and protection’ most urgent” (18 November 2016). And would be very disappointing to me if as Buddhist media published that news without investigating first.

According to my point of view, I’m sorry if I’m wrong, the news especially about ethnic conflict in Myanmar (Burma) between Bengalis (Rohingyas) and Rakhines that published by was biased and unfair. only published one side story not both side, especially only from Bengali (Rohingya) story not from Rakhine. Seems like more believe in Rohingya side rather than Rakhine or Myanmar Government side.

As we can see from news article with title: “Rohingya are being destroyed, ‘full security and protection’ most urgent”, without questioning the truth of “the facts”,  published that news. Even UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, said need further investigation about that issue.

If we read other side story, we can found that the recent conflict started on October 9 when terrorists Aqa Mul Mujahidin attacked three police groups, including border guard forces, simultaneously in Maungdaw, Rakhine. Hundreds of Rakhine people (not Rohingya) are flee. And they need foods right now.( Sadly only a few international medias concern about this, not even

Recently, the Rakhine State Government stated, investigations prove that a fire that broke out in Bengalis’ Ngakhura Village on October 30 evening was set by Bengalis (Rohingya) themselves with intent to receive international aid and make international headlines. (

If we consider the other side stories, we will not be in a rush to judge others. If we only hear one side stories we can easily fall into a bad propaganda. And if we spread the bad propaganda and other people do bad things because of that, we become a bad person.

As the Buddha said in Kalama Sutta : do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing, tradition, rumor, news, etc. without further investigation.

I hope become one of Buddhist media that can be trusted with unbiased and fair news, not only get a news from secular medias but do further investigation and publish both sides stories, because secular medias can be wrong too. ( . And I think, as Buddhist media, has a moral responsibility for spread the news.

Thank you for your attention and I’m sorry if I have spoken rudely.