Proud of Tzu Chi

by Lim Soon Huat, Singapore, The Buddhist Channel, September 13, 2005

I have been following news of Katrina disaster on the BC and I can said you have done a good job by high lighting things that the Buddhist community is doing. These are news that somehow don't get published in the main stream newspaper but it is important to Buddhist.

I am particulary particularly encouraged by Tzu Chi. They are everywhere wheneve there is a disaster helping out in whatever ways they can. To me it is the equivalent of the Red Cross.

I am very proud of them.

This is what we Buddhist should be doing. For those who can help please do so in kind or financially. If you happen to raise fund for Katrina's victim maybe you should consider chanelling them to Tzu Chi. They really deserve our help and support.

Hopefully more Buddhist organisations can band together and emulate Tzu Chi.

For your information I am not a member of Tzu Chi or in any ways associated with it but rather encouraged to write in to express my sincere thanks to Tzu Chi and its volunteers for all the effort they have put in helping fellow humankind.

May you all be blessed by the Buddha Dharma and Sangha.