A separate region for "Pacifica" please?

by Joanne Miller, The Buddhist Channel, Nov 23, 2005

I would like to comment on your site's layout with regards to the category of news by region. At the moment all information relating to Pacific countries on your website are listed under 'Asia.'

Would you please consider creating a separate section for 'Pacifica', as the pacific nations have their own distinct cultures and are not Asian. Listing Australia, New Zealand, Tuvalu, Samoa, or Fiji under 'Asia' is like listing the American Continent under England.

We have our own identity and just because Buddhists are small in number in the Pacific and we are just developing our own style, it doesn't mean that we are so unimportant that we are listed as being our neighbours, not us!

We in the Pacific are already sensitive because 'Western Buddhism' focuses mainly on the US and we are often excluded from this, and yet we are also put in with Asian Buddhism when we are not geographically Asian and we have a mix of all types of Buddhism in the Pacific, of which Asian is only one type.

Your site is read by many. Please consider recognzing that we in the Pacific deserve to be recognized just as the other Continental regions have been recognized on your website.