Article poorly written

by Corax, USA

I found your opinion article "Christianity: Is It Self-Destructing?" reprinted on Nov. 21 to be offensive, inarticulate, and poorly written, and a piece of writing not up to your usual standards. Whoever this Stan Grimes is, he does not seem to be well informed about Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or really anything at all. The misstatements and mischaracterizations he makes are to numerous to recount, but barely a sentence in that article is true.

His characterization of Hindus as people who "can barely keep their cows fed" is grossly offensive. His statements that Muslims believe murder will gain them favor in the afterlife is patently false. His characterization of Christians is likewise much too broad and his evidence and/or authority for supporting his views is completely nonexistent, likewise his sweeping generalization that Buddhism has been diluted over the centuries. Tens of thousands of lineage holders would surely disagree.

His article is also very poorly written. "Barely?" is not a complete sentence; he compiles poorly-constructed rhetorical questions and deems it an argument. He misuses words like monolithic and stance, gratuitously invokes Hitler, and basically just rants without thinking. That's fine for some crank's personal blog, but I've grown accustomed to much better from the Buddhist Channel and hope to see higher standards followed in your opinion column in the future.