Have more research studies on effects of emotion on water

by Michael Hoffmann, Munich, Germany, The Buddhist Channel, April 8, 2006

I would like to comment on the letter "Masaru Emoto's Secret Life of Water not scientifically proven" by Michael Mikowski.

In my opinion, one should be very careful when using the expression "scientifically proven". Maybe there are no effective ways at the moment to determine the special effects of emotions in water but this is eventually a technical thing.

In fact, there have been efforts made in the past concerning research about external effects on water, such as when it is exposed to classical music and/or via loving, good toughts, it freezes in smooth, regular manner.

When water had been exposed to metallic music, hard rock and/or bad thoughts, it seemingly freezes in a way different way, such as sharp edges and irregular structures.

It is a matter of fact that the mind emanates "cognitive radiation" known as alpha, beta and gamma waves. It is too easy to say that this does not effect on water in any way.

Perhaps it would be good if more can be done with regards to research on how emotions effect water formation before we make any premature conclusions.