Tom Moore's response to Eugne Trak's letter in support of Buddhism is unjustified

by Aaron Crook, Hartsdale NY, The Buddhist Channel, May 8, 2006

First I would like to say that we are fortunate to live in a society where such a debate about religion can be had in the public forum without fear. For this reason Mr. Moore's comments are appreciated and respected. His message is however skewed and neither kind, nor friendly.

Mr Moore's blistering criticism of Eugene Track and his teacher Lama Ole Nydahl is revealing of nothing more than Mr Moore's own personal fears and objections.

I am a founding member and the former president of the Diamond Way Buddhist Group at the University of Minnesota, and we are very proud to contribute to the diversity of the University Community. As good members of this community we run a fully transparent organization and refrain from personal attacks on other religious groups or their leaders.

I wonder if the editors of the Daily would have considered publishing such an attack of Islam, Judaism, or Christianity? Taking Mr. Moore's comments seriously is a mistake. It is especially embarrassing that he is a member of the University Staff and feels comfortable using this position as a soap box to degrade the religious practices of others.

To conclude I would like to shift the focus back to the fortunate fact that thanks to the work of my friends in the Diamond Way Buddhist Group at the U of M, the Twin Cities community will have the opportunity to listen to Lama Ole Nydahl and decide for themselves if there is wisdom in his teachings or not. All are invited! "Meditation: Science of Mind" Wednesday, May 17, 2006, 8pm The Theatre at the Woman's Club of Mpls 407 West 15th Street.

Aaron Crook is former President of the UMN Diamond Way Buddhist Group