Stop useless rituals and practices

by GAN KIM TAI, Kuala Lumpur, The Buddhist Channel, May 8, 2006

I am very happy with this educational and enlightening Buddhist website. I hope more Chinese Buddhists could gain more insight into right Buddhist practices and philosophy, rather than following the wrongful and wasteful practices, handled down from their forefathers.

As a Chinese Buddhist, I am quite sad at the state of Chinese psyche on religious matter. While the Chinese are considered practical and intelligent people, unfortunately, they are right behind others when it comes to religion.

Wasteful and useless practices pertaining to ritual sacrifices such as burning paper monies and other peripherals, slaughtering of animals and others are blindly practiced without inquiring about their actual use and practicalities. The incessant burning is causing unnecessary pollution. I can safely say that the culture of burning "money" reflect the stupidity of the modern Chinese.

I hope the Buddhist Committee can propagate the correct Buddhist methods & practices, to all Chinese & Buddhists, via media, books, seminars, VCDs, etc.

OM Mani Padme Hum to all of you.