Edo Shonin and 'Others'

by Ven. J.M. Dharmakara Boda, Los Angeles, California, The Buddhist Channel, May 31, 2007

The issues brought to light in the article on Edo Shonin are just not related to those without a lineage, but are symptomatic within the legitimate schools of traditional lineage as well.

A point in case is Ole Nydahl (seen here holding an automatic rifle), a high ranking teacher of the Kagyu tradition in Europe, who not only allows drinking and other stupidities, but advocates racist, sexist, and militaristic elements in his understanding of the Dharma.

Some of Ole Nydahl's "defects" were brought up by the German Buddhist Union (GBU) in 2000, but they eventually backed off because his organization is a member of the DBU and the Buddhist Union didn't want to have a split.

Apparently those without a lineage are not the only ones who can subcomb to moral and ethical inneptitude.