"Buddha Relics" a distraction

by Ven. Kobutsu Malone, Osho, Maine, USA, The Buddhist Channel, July 24, 2007

The Singapore "Buddha tooth" situation is appalling to say the least.  The Venerable's comment reveals just how wrong, wrong thinking can get.  The Venerable needs some basic training in the Kalama Sutta.

For a Venerable to say, "I don't care what they say. If you believe it's real, then it's real." in the face of clear scientific evidence is criminal. He needs to simply admit that they were in grave error. However, given the huge money involved and the creation of a business around this bogus "tooth" that seems unlikely.

He's attached to the idea that a bovine tooth is a relic of The Buddha.  That, in and of its self, is insane - the idea that somehow some "relic" has value is just as insane.  Those with the name "Venerable" have a profound sacred duty not to stand in the way of
people setting foot on the awakened state of mind.  To hold up some "sacred" object, as distinct from all other objective reality is unnecessary and contrary to Buddhadharma.

I've been reading about this relic business, I can see only bad coming out of it.... even it the "relic" is genuine.  The Buddha didn't set the wheel of Dharma in motion in order to begin a personality cult or relic worship.  He set the truth in motion to bring about one thing... awakening.

Teach people that all of reality is a sacred "relic" of The Buddha if you will.... point to the Buddha nature in each and every sentient being.  This is Buddhadharma. This is the teaching of The Buddha.

We in many cases have forgotten, or never knew, that the "Buddha" is alive and well in Buddhadharma.  "Relics" are distractions, hoax's on the people.  The matter needs to be ended....  All so-called "Buddha Relics" need to be burned and the ashes scattered in the ocean with appropriate ceremony.  Then the people can learn the truth without

The Buddhadharma is alive and resides within various vessels within the population, it does not reside in any "relic" or "holy place."

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