Stop giving alms to monks involved in politics?

by Jorge de Silva, Los Angeles, The Buddhist Channel, Sept 17, 2007

My letter was poorly written and I apologize for not clearly stating what is
against vinaya discipline, like arson, but there is also taking captives.

Does vinaya discipline permit this?

Visakha Kawasaki would like people to believe that Sri Lanka is a democracy
without error, but this did not stop bhikkhus from taking to the streets and
inciting riots in the late 1980's. Many businesses were destroyed and people
fled the country. Sri Lanka has never recovered since then.

The circumstances in Burma are different, but the outcome is the same: the
bhikkhus lost control. The problem with Visakha Kawasaki's statements
are that they have been coloured by the US backed pro-democracy movement.

There are many who disagree with me, even here in the US, but a solution is
simply to stop giving alms to monks involved in politics, beginning with
ones who like setting things ablaze and taking captives. This is how you put
a rabid dog down.