The word "Muhammad" is not the Prophet

by Carl, Glendale, AZ, The Buddhist Channel, Nov 30, 2007

I refer to the letter by Lin Zi Yi, "A statue is not the Buddha"

While the Mullah Omar is so busy looking out for the well being of the Afghans maybe he can also help the British teacher (in Sudan) that committed no crime from facing unjust punishment (40 lashes for allowing her students to name their teddy bears "Muhammad").

As a follower of the Mahayana I can say that the statue is only stone but I can also say that Muhammad is Buddha but also the inverse is true for both.

If the Mullah were a Bodhisattva he would have allowed the restoration of the statues as the work would have brought money and employment to the people of Bamiyan.

Even better he could have invited a Buddhist community to build a monastery or school in the shadow of these statues, who knows what prosperity this would have brought.

It may have even come close to the greatness that the Bamiyan valley knew when it was under Buddhist rule.

Next time I'm looking for help with "Right View" I'll try to find someone who has compassion for all beings. The Mullah's dharma is no Dharma.