Fighting Cambodian monks a great shame

by Lin Zi Yi, Jinan, Shandong, China, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 18, 2007

In "Cambodian monks clash with police" Bangkok Post, Dec 17, 2007, there is the reporting of members of the Sangha taking up arms in protest. What a shame it is to see the Sangha violently expressing "their" frustrations. Their behavior is likened to one who doesn't cultivate.

There seems to be "wrong views" being held by the institutionalized Sangha. They should realize that if they are denied access to something, it isn't time to get it. Emotional outbursts do not justify the actions of left home people, especially when they include violent acts...again. Peaceful demonstrations are one thing, and not getting what one wants then reacting in violence is another.

They should be wise enough to realize the cause and outcomes of their thoughts and actions, and those of others. Not successful in one's endeavors simply points to one's lack of merit. The Sangha is to represent high virtue and merit. Violence and frustration, rage and anger displayed by the Sangha does not show good merits and virtue. It displays ignorance, greed, thoughts of superiority and separation.

Disciples of the Buddha, whether lay of left home, are not disciples when inflicting harm on the myriad living beings of their mind. Even if it is for the benefit of others, the mere thought and attachment to the view of others shows there are still attachments to marks. There is a problem within the Sangha when they do not check their own behavior.

Where are the lay people in this all? Why aren't they asking questions, demonstrating against the behavior of the Sangha? Has the Buddhist lay community become simple followers instead of investigators?