Critic entirely missed my point

by Lin Zi Yi, Jinan, Shandong (China), The Buddhist Channel, Jan 10, 2008

In her letter "Calm, principled stand against human brutality and injustice"
Visakha Kawasaki proves beyond the reasonable doubt that she has missed the entire point of my past responses to pointing fingers.

If you, Visakha Kawasaki, are looking for a chance for me to put my foot in my mouth, I would be deeply concerned with your own personal views. Please do not waste your time with monotonous response letters that miss important issues.

Here is a word of advice: There is a time for everything, and not all things come at the same time in the same manner. If you want to know the true workings of the process of karma, please investigate the Sutras without a bias, sit and meditate without views, and practice right concentration.

The letters section is not for teaching. Please do not preach your views, when it is your views which add to the distortion of Buddhism. Peace and Blessings. Namo Amitabha
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