One monk's misdeeds will not damage Buddhism

by Aik Theng Chong, Singapore, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 1, 2009

'An Appeal to Drop the Appeal' by Jianxie - It is amazing that he managed to compiled 22 'misdeeds' carried out by the monk Ming Yi. It must have taken up many hours of his time and effort. Remember, all religions including Buddhism teaches us to cultivate the value of compassion and forgiveness towards others.

As he have said, all 22 'misdeeds' were lifted from the press. It looks like he have complete faith in everything that were published in the local press and with it, his conclusion that he should admit to his guilt.

One monk's so called 'misdeeds' should not have caused horrendous damage to Buddhism as a whole. It would likely be Jianxie's feeling of shame as a buddhist to be associated to Ming Yi, the Buddhist monk .

The value of Faith is a necessary prerequisite if one wants to believe in any religion. With growing knowledge, practice and cultivation as taught by the religion, one should gain more and more insight into its teaching and with it Faith should grow in tandem as well.

If one have sufficient Faith in his religion, no amount of misdeeds carried out by any monk should cause one to waver in his belief.

Some might be worry of the wrong message the conviction of the monk Ming Yi might send to the general public on the Buddhist Faith. Hopefully, the Buddhist Institutions and temples in Singapore will take this opportunity to redouble their effort to spread the words of the Buddhist teaching to the general public.