Enlightened by 'Constantine' movie review

by Davetta Lashley, New York

I've just finished reading the very enlightening and fascinating article about the movie "Constantine", which was written by Shen Shi'an for The Buddhist Channel, Feb 18, 2005.  I was surfing the Web by way of Google Search engine, trying to find an answer to a question that I had about the movie Constantine, when I came upon The Buddhist Channel website and Shen Shi'an's article.

I was wondering why, in the movie, Constantine refers to Gabriel as a "half-breed". I still didn't fin d out why, but I stopped here to read the article and was so moved by what I'd read, I had to write to you. I am not currently a Buddhist, nor do I currently practice any form of religious worship, because I haven't found anything that I could really believe in.

Catholicism and Christianity both leave me feeling either ambivalent or confused, so I don't follow either. I never gave much thought to Buddhism, because I haven't had any exposure to it in my lifetime, but after reading the article about Constantine, I now feel that I would like to know more about Buddism. I feel very moved by what I read and am eager to learn more.

The part that moved me the most was the part about our "original sin" and how we must be responsible for the choices we make in life, because it is us who determines what happens to our souls. There's something about the way it was explained that make sense to me for the first time in my life.

Please extend my warmest thanks to the writer, Shen Shi'an, and to the folks at The Buddhist Channel for providing a bit of enlightenment to a lost and confused person.