Stamping the Decline of Buddhism in Singapore

by Aik Theng Chong, Singapore, The Buddhist Channel, Jan 18, 2011

I write in rith reference to the article; ‘Shedding light on decline in Buddhism in Singapore’ of Jan 14, 2011.

It is reported that the Buddhist population in Singapore has declined from 42.5 per cent in 2000 to 33.3 per cent last year. The likely causes of the declined were also stated. It is well and good that the state of Buddhism in Singapore was reported for all Buddhists and non-Buddhist alike to know.

The big question now is; what are the Singapore Buddhist Federation (SBF) and other concerned Buddhist organizations going to do about the sad state of Buddhism in Singapore? In the first place, such drastic decline should have being noticed by the SBF; such as the size of the congregation of Buddhists attending its associated members’ daily, weekly and monthly services and the age groups of those who attended these congregations as well. One cannot help, but come to the conclusion that they could be blissfully ignorance of the whole situation otherwise attempt would have been made to stamp this decline before.

It is about time the Singapore Buddhist Federation and other concerned Buddhist organizations coming out with proposals and solutions to stamp the decline of Buddhist faithful here.

In my recent write-up; Buddhist Missionary Institutions Needed of Oct 17, 2010 which was also post in Singapore forum site ‘Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss’, the response recorded were rather mute and passive. A follow up on the state of Buddhism here under the same topic, receive even less interest. Maybe as one of the netizen did point out, // I see Buddhist tends to be rather passive and most of us will hope to resolve this matter by seeking Buddha Power//.

Hopefully this is not the same attitude of Buddhists elsewhere otherwise sadly to said, it is going to be a religion that will be on the decline in this part of the world.