Mae Chi's have no official standing in Thai Buddhism

by Visakha Kawasaki, Kandy, Sri Lanka, Thye Buddhist Channel, March 15, 2011

Aik Theng Chong's comments (Stand Up Mae Chi, for your Rights) are not really to the point because mae ji are not clergy, have no special training, or any official standing.

Mae ji, like many lay Buddhists, undertake to keep Eight Precepts and wear white clothing, If a temple has been donated to the Sangha, it does not belong to mae ji, who are not members of the Sangha.

Those desiring women's rights and equality in Buddhism need to support proper bhikkhuni ordination -- ordained bhikkhunis are members of the Sangha, living according to the rules of Vinaya, not merely eight precepts self-undertaken.

The Buddha himself ordained bhikkhunis and intended for his Sangha to have bhikkhunis. If Thais don't know the history of the religion, that's their fault and the muddle and mess they get into because of it may come from their thinking they know better than the Buddha.