Nalanda Without Buddhists Participation

by Alvin Wong, Singapore, The Buddhist Channel, March 15, 2011

I have been following the news regarding the initiative to rebuild Nalanda University. Many Buddhists including myself feel that the effort was not sincere to establish the origin missions of this university. This university is not only for academic pursuits but also for spiritual pursuits during ancient time. If this is not a Buddhist centred university, there are no meaning to rebuild again with such a high cost.

Otherwise, it will be used a s a tool to raise funds from all over the world and spend it on expensive contructions and other unknown expenses and probably divert the fund or even potential corruption. Corruption is rampant and we Buddhists do not wish to be used as a tool.

I think, Buddhists shall examine closely before render the support. Indian government shall appoint a respectable Buddhist leaders or spiritualists to head the team, not a non Buddhist.