Buddhist monks recite sutra online day and night

Nalanda Monastery, May 31, 2007

Paris, France -- Starting on Saka Dawa, the day on which Tibetans celebrate the birth, enlightenment and the passing away of Buddha, the Buddhist monks of Nalanda Monastery in France began continuously reciting the Sanghata Sutra, one of the teachings of the Buddha, in order to benefit sentient beings and to raise the remaining funds needed to complete their new building project.

The recitation is being broadcast live via a webcam 24 hours a day for at least 14 days. All those who view the event will receive the blessing of this Sutra and will have the opportunity to help to raise the 108,888 euros, set as the target, by making an offering via Paypal. The recitation can be seen live anywhere in the world at www.nalanda-monastery.eu/sanghata

The Sanghata Sutra is a Mahayana Buddhist Sutra. Unlike other sutras, the Sanghata records a discourse in which the Buddha explains that he had heard the Sanghata from a previous Buddha. It is an extraordinary literary adventure, full of stories of death, discovery and magical transformations, but first and foremost, the Sanghata explains how it transforms all those who encounter it.

The sutra recitation by the monks began on the 31st of May. It is planned for this filmed relay to continue in various languages for at least 14 days. For more information on Nalanda Monastery, its events and study program, please visit www.nalanda-monastery.eu.