Czech Buddhists want new HQ, ask for EU subsidy

By Prague Monitor, March 5, 2008

Brno, Czech Republic -- Local members of the Diamond Path Buddhist form have applied for an EU subsidy in support of the new centre they want to build in Brno, the capital of Moravia, as the capacity of their current seat is no longer sufficient, Marketa Blazejovska from the Diamond Path told CTK Tuesday.

The number of Buddhists and people interested in Eastern spiritual disciplines has been steadily growing in Brno.

The same applies to the Diamond Path, the first Buddhist sect to be officially registered as a religious society in the Czech Republic.

The Diamond Path, focusing mainly on meditation and lectures, wants to build new headquarters worth 25 million crowns.

If the EU failed to provide a subsidy, the Diamond Path would seek money elsewhere.

"The new headquarters should host international meetings of Buddhists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria and other countries. We are also planning to establish a large library with Buddhist literature that would be accessible to students and the general public and that would be unique in the Brno region," Blazejovska said.