Theravada Buddhist community rises in Herrnschrot, Germany

The Buddhist Channel, July 18, 2008

Herrnschrot, Germany -- The forest monastery is a place where people can learn and practise a selfless way of life which leads to the complete cessation of greed, hatred and delusion. It is a place for developing the Noble Eighfold Path, so that the mind can reach liberation and realize the Deathless (Nibbana).

Based on these principles and ideals, German monks from the Thai Theravada tradition have established the Muttodaya Forest Monastery at Herrnschrot, a town in Stammbach, Germany.

The name “Muttodaya” means Liberated Heart in Pali, the language of early Buddhism. It is a poetic expression of our goal that we are trying to reach. The monks follow the standards of the forest tradition as we can still find it in the Theravada countries (Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia).

Muttodaya is not meant to be a retreat centre, a seminar centre or a temple serving a particular cultural purpose. However, both monastics and laypeople are encouraged to stay at the Monastery to participate in activities such as meditation, studies and Dhamma discussion.

It is not fixed on a specific lineage or a particular master. It gives an opportunity for all those who are seriously interested to study and practise together on the basis of the Dhamma-Vinaya.

The monastic community at Muttodaya

Ajahn Cattamalo is the senior monk. He is German, was ordained at Wat Nong Pa Pong, Ubon Rachathani in Thailand in the year 1988, spent 5 years at Wat Pa Nanachat, Ubon Rachathani, 2 years on thudong all over Thailand, visiting many realised meditation masters, and 13 years at Wat Bodhinyana in Perth, Australia. The last 5 years he was the vice-abbot helping Ajahn Brahmavamso.

Tan Gavesako is of Czech nationality. He was ordained at Wat Amaravati, England in 2001, spent 5 years in the monasteries of the Ajahn Chah tradition in England. After that he lived in monasteries of that lineage in Thailand, Italy, Switzerland and New Zealand. He also got thudong experience in Thailand.

Tan Mettiko is German. He was ordained in Wat Pa Nam Rin, Chiang Mai in Thailand in the year 2004 and spent four years with Luang Phor Thong Daeng Varapañño at Wat Phra Jao Ton Luang, Chiang Mai, at Wat Pa Nanachat and on thudong in Thailand and Germany. After that he spent some time in New Zealand at Vimutti monastery and on thudong.

All three monks speak English, German and Thai fluently.

Muttodaya Forest Monastery is located at Herrnschrot 50, D-95236 Stammbach, Germany. The house and extensive property is located in a national park called Frankenwald, in a quiet and idyllic setting with a lot of forest. It has a central position in Germany and can be reached from major cities in a few hours.


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