Unique Buddhist texts found in Por-Bazhyn fortress

REGNUM Russian News, April 7, 2008

Tuva, Russia -- Unique Buddhist texts were found in the Tuvinian fortress of Por-Bazhyn.

The unique collection of Buddhist Sutras was handed over to the Tuvinian Buddhist spiritual leader Kamba Lama by an archaeological expedition of scientists atthe Tuva fortress, the republican government press office announced.

After first acquaintance with the texts, the chief lama of Tuva (Kamba Lama) Apysh-ool Sat said the discovery was not an ordinary one. “These are the Perfect Wisdom Sutras, Essence of Wisdom Sutras,” Kamba Lama said.
According to Lama, such texts are usually kept only at major Buddhist monasteries in the world, so the fact that they were found in the territory of Tuva proves that there was also one of the spiritual centers.

Kamba Lama also expressed his intention to republish the texts and use them in his work, but the originals should be kept in the museum, he said.

On August 3, the Buddhist leader conveyed the Sutras to the Republic of Tuva National Museum Fund. According to the press office, the Sutras were found in a cave in Tere-Holsky district, where the fortress is situated, with a help of local residents.