Russian Buddhists pray at their spiritual center to stop fires in the country

Interfax, 11 August 2010

Chita, Russia -- Buddhist priests in Buryatia pray to stop forest fires in Russia every day, press service of the Republic’s president reported on Wednesday.

On the eve, Arban-Hangal a special prayer service used to prevent various trials - was held in the Ivolgin Buddhist monastery. Lamas hope that the rite will work and save the country from fires.

The message says that once clerics in Russia have already called for "General Winter". It happened in early years of the Great Patriotic War when fascist troops were not far from Moscow. Then representatives of all traditional for the Soviet Union religions, including lamas from Buryatia, were called to the capital.

"After the rites were held, 40 degrees Celsius frosts came to Moscow," the press service reminds.