Himalayan Peak Takes Korean Name

Arirang News, July 31, 2008

Jikji Peak, Pakistan -- The rough trail up to the 6,235 m peak kept it out of reach for many climbers. But after failing once, a month ago, a group of Korean mountain rescue climbers from North Chungcheong Province beat the trail and reached the summit.

And in accordance with the Pakistani government's policy, the reward for this achievement was naming rights by the Korean team for the peak. The peak and the route that the expedition took have both been named ''Jikji.''

It is a shorter version of the full name, Jikjishimchaeyojeol, the world's first book produced by the metal printing method. The book is about Buddhism and the name means reaching the mind of the Buddha.

''Jikji'' also means loneliness in the local Pakistani dialect, apt for the location of the mountain peak. Villagers added their support for the peak's name by writing a recommendation letter.

As Jikji Peak has been acknowledged by the Pakistani government, the name will soon be seen on all maps of the Himalayas.