Nepali government accused of being bias towards Siddhartha varsity

Gorkhapatra, July 30, 2007

KATHMANDU, Nepal -- Chairman of the Siddhartha University, Dr. Vichhu Sunanda Mahasthabir has claimed that the government has not been responding to the University's call for the granting of permission to run the University.

The school had already submitted an application to the ministry after completing all the necessary formalities 10 years before for providing them with formal recognition, Dr. Mahasthabir said.

The school has also been maintaining proper correspondence with the ministry. Despite the aforementioned fact, the ministry has not responded to the sincere request of the school, the chairman of the school said in a statement.

Nearly a year ago, the school had submitted an application for discussion to the Education and Sports Ministry. But the university has not received any concrete decision from the ministry whereas other schools, which had submitted the application much later have already received the formal permission to run their academic institution. The written application was presented to the ministry, as the ministry had not responded to the verbal request.

Just two months back the university submitted an application for justice to the speaker of Interim Administration Council. According to the application, the school should have received the permission to move ahead with its academic courses based on the existing legal provisions.

The university even submitted the recommendations of 235 lawmakers of the legislature parliament to the ministry to get the bill on the proposed university passed. The university has accused the ministry of being bias as its application for permission has been pending at the ministry for the last 10 years citing legal vacuum.

The ministry is being perceived of being prejudiced to the school that gives education based on Buddhism to the Buddhist community despite the fact that Lord Buddha was born in Nepal, the statement said.

The university also submitted a second application two months back, it said.

Though the university has submitted several written applications and has also requested the ministry verbally for the formal recognition, the school has not yet received any response from the ministry.

A letter forwarded to Dr. Mahasthabir by the ministry, however, has stated that a ministerial level decision was taken two-and-a-half months back to move ahead with the process of granting permission to the University after the bill under consideration in the parliament is ratified.