Buddha's teachings reflected in UN Charter - Nepali PM

The Rising Nepal, May 26, 2008

United Nations -- Nepal's Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has said that the message of the Buddha has also been reflected in the sprit of the UN Charter.

He made this remark in a message given on the occasion of the Vesak festival observed in New York, the UN Headquarters on the Buddha Purnima day.

In the message read out by Nepal's Permanent Representative to the UN, Madhuraman Acharya, PM Koirala lauded the support of the Lumbini Development International Committee in developing the Buddha's birthplace as the city of world peace as per the Lumbini development master plan.

The committee is represented by countries with Buddhist population. This year the Vesak festival observed at the UN headquarters New York each year was coordinated by Nepal. Acharya initiated the programme by lighting a lamp at the Buddha's statue decorated on the stage.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki- moon's representative and Under Secretary General at the UN Information Department Kiyotaka Akasaka also read out the message from the UN Secretary General. Permanent representatives of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Japan, Laos, Mongolia, and Sri Lanka as well as representatives of Myanmar Thailand and Vietnam also lit lamps.

Artists of Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mongolia and Bangladesh presented their cultural programmes.

The Sherpa and Tamang community people of Nepal in New York also participated in the programme.

Food items from Nepal and various other countries were served at the tea party which followed.