Rare ancient Buddhist scriptures found

The Himalayan Times, Apr 12, 2012

SANKHUWASABHA, Nepal -- Books and scriptures about Buddhism are found more in numbers in a person's home than in the Soyambhu.

Some 178 packets of scriptures of Buddhist religion, mostly disappeared from the world and are not generally found in other Buddha monasteries, are found at a home of Lama in Mudhesanischare. He had also collected some 300-year ancient bands.

The religious scriptures including 108 packets of Kongeur, 13 packets of Yung, 13 Diksaya and 44 Mundhuk have been safely kept at the home of Chhetemba Lama for the past 150 years.

Some 88 Lamas had brought these scriptures and bands from Boda, a place in China, around 150 years ago, said Chhetemba Lama.

The books have been kept at the home due to no monasteries nearby and different instruments of bands have been lost due to insecurity, said eleven-year-old Lattar Lama.

'Number of Buddhists from across the world would come to visit the area if the ancient and rarely found scriptures and bands related to Buddhism were managed well', said Daba Lama.