Buddhist site discovered

Newindpress, June 19 2005

KENDRAPARA, India -- Several small stupas and four stone pillars with inscriptions in Pali language were found from a Buddhist site which was discovered in Panasapur village near river Govari, 45 km from here recently.

Other things unearthed at the site include two stone statues of Amitabha Buddha in meditation pose and one of Abolokeswar Buddha, dancing statues of young girls and many stone and earthen statues, claimed Buddhist scholar Harish Chandra Prusti who stumbled on the site.

The remnants of an ancient step-well were also excavated during the spadework at Panasapur. Prusti claims existence of a big Buddhist monastery beneath river Govari in Kantikiari village.

The recent findings have proved that Buddhist civilisation was flourishing in the region and was highly advanced and urban in character.

The acoustic statues obtained point to the existence of some Ratnagiri-like ruins below the riverbed.

According to Prusti, some of the structures found at the site include brick walls, cooking pots and tanks with steps like the one at the famous Buddhist site in Udaygiri.

Superintendent, Archaeological Department B K Rath said the recent discovery is of much interest to archaeologists and the officials of his department will visit the site shortly.