Gate of ancient Nalanda university discovered

Xinua, Feb 5, 2007

PATNA, India -- A team of Indian archaeologists has found the gate of the ancient Nalanda University at a place, some 1,000 meters away from the ruins of the university here.

The entrance gate was discovered at Badagaon village, some 1,000 meters away from the standing ruins of this historic Nalanda University on February 1, said P K Mishra, archaeologist of the Archaeological Survey of India.

The entrance gate was discovered in the form of a 1,200-feet-high ancient Buddha period mound. The mound located in the north side of the standing ruins of Nalanda University is spread over inan area of 20 acres.

The discovery will throw more light on the history of the old Nalanada University that was a seat of learning and attracted scholars from as many as 93 countries. said Mishra.

The eminent Chinese scholar Xuanzhuang who came to India to learn Buddhism in 627 and stayed in the country for 13 years, including five years of study in Nalanda which is now in northern Indian state of Bihar.

Xuanzhuang said in his travelogue that the Nalanda University was spread over 16-km-radius and its main gate was erected at an elevated place.