Over 200 archaeological sites found near Taxila

Hi Pakistan, Feb 23, 2005

TAXILA, Pakistan -- A 12-member South Korean team of archaeologists has discovered more than 200 remains, including one stupa of the Buddha civilisation here in Jaulian near Taxila.

The Jaulian monastery is located atop the hill some 300 feet high, about 6 kms north-east of the Taxila Museum.

The team of archaeologists was working on Jaulian-II project located 200 meters from Jaulian-1 site of the Archaeology Department of Pakistan since January 2005.

After these remarkable discoveries, the Jaulian-II is confirmed as preceding Jaulian 1. It requires further attention in the study of Gandharan Buddhist monasteries in the Taxila region. The team found coins from excavation belonging to early Kushan period in the First Century AD.

The construction method of the walls of the monastery, cells and that of the main Stupa are from the 1-2 centuries AD.

Jaulian-II is thus presumed to be a monastery set up one or two centuries ahead of Jaulian-1, which is considered to be from the 4-5 century AD.

A team of diplomats headed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Jeon Bou-Guan visited the site of the Jaulian 1 and Jaulian II yesterday, in order to applaud the work of the Korean Archaeologist team members.