Ancient Buddhist seals found in Bangladesh

by Sahil Nagpal, ANI, December 8, 2007

Dhaka, Bangladesh -- Archaeologists, excavating the remains of ancient Buddhist site in Bogra in Bangladesh, have found several pieces of seals, including the "Dharmachakra" message seal of Gautam Buddha.

The archaeologists believe that the 18 seals recovered are about 1000 years old and belong to the Pala dynasty.

They have also dug up two brick-built structures at Bhasu Bihar archaeological site in Shibganj. However, the age of those bricks have not been determined.

The Daily Star quoted one of the members of the excavation team stating that the one of the structure is 'very old'.

The width of the brick built walls is similar to that of the main structures of the monastic cells and temple at Bhasu Bihar, which the famous Chinese pilgrim Hiuel Tsang mentions in his travelogue. Tsang had mentioned that he had seen over 700 monks at the Bihar when he visited the place during 639-645AD.

The seven-member team led by Regional Director of the Archaeology Department Abdul Khaleque has been working at the site since November 22.