Army attacks Buddhist temple in Rangamati, Nov 1, 2010

Chittagong, Bangladesh -- MEMBERS of the Bangladesh Military attacked a Buddhist temple and destroyed ten kutis or cottages built around the temple for practicing meditation in a remote area in Rangamati district.

The incident took place in the small hours on Tuesday.

Sources said a group of army personnel from Banajogi Chara camp
attacked Triratna Bana Sadhana Kuthir at Amtoli in remote
Barkal-Jurachari border area under Subolong Union and destroyed the
cottages where Buddhist monks and novices live and meditate.

Some Buddhist novices live in the temple which was established on 27
July 2007. The name of the chief abbot is Ven. Sudakka Sramana.

Shanti Dev Chakma, chief organiser of UPDF Rangamati District Unit, in
a statement condemned the attack, terming it as “a flagrant violation
of the right of religious freedom”, and urged the government to take
appropriate actions against those responsible for the attack, and to
apologize and pay adequate compensation to the temple authority.