Threat to Dalai Lama; Indian police on high alert

Newind Press, December 19 2005

VIJAYAWADA, India -- The police are on a high state of alert following the receipt of a message that there is a threat to the life of Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai Lama during his two week-long stay at Amaravati for the Kalachakra Empowerment Ceremony beginning on Jan 5.

Guntur Superintendent of Police V C Sajjanar said: ??We have received the alert from Dalai Lama?s chief security officer Karma that a seven-member extremist team from Tibet belonging to Deogesogdun, a religious charitable organisation, has left for Amaravati.??

The Dalai Lama will be reaching Hyderabad on Jan 3 and spend a day at Nagarjunakonda before reaching Amaravati on Jan 5. It was from Nagarjunakonda that Buddhist philosopher Acharya Nagarjuna spread Mahayana Buddhist philosophy to the entire world.

The Guntur SP has also received photographs and details of the seven- member team suspected to have arrived here from Tibet.

In addition to the Z+ category security being provided by the State and Central Governments, additional security will be provided to the Dalai Lama throughout his stay here.

The photos of the suspected team members will be put up at the entry points like bus stations, railway stations and airport, besides being furnished to all the police personnel engaged in security arrangements.